Friendship Never Dies

by Joe Burrows

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A long-sat-on EP, ruminating friendship, life and its ends...


released 09 August 2012

Thanks to Harley Cotton for the tips in production, Emily Wright, Marco Greco and you!



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Track Name: Hey Now
It was cold and we were sitting outside.
The floor was hard and the talking long,
Our words were sad, but the stars still shone,
In the sky.

We drank some and it warmed a while,
Our backs turned to the warmth of home.
I hated to see you feel alone,
Just outside.

Every reason is all right with me.
Every reason is all right.

Hey now!
Hey now!
Every reason’s alright.
Every reason’s alright.

All the times I felt I trapped myself
You had the key to let me in (from the)
Cold of the inside, where the air is thin
And so blue.

Every laugh I wish I’d shared with you,
Every time I’d feel so vulnerable is more,
Than enough to help me remember you,
And I’d say:

Every reason is all right with me.
Every reason is all right.

Hey now.
Hey now.
Every reason’s alright.
Every reason’s alright.

I won’t let this escape my mind
Track Name: La Danse Macabre
It’s as easy as one and two and three.
Follow me; round we go; round we go...

Take it in and in and follow my lead.
Follow me; round we go; down we go...

feel me see me
im feeling my finger tips slip
watch me feel me
im feeling slip my fingertips

Once you’re feeling the spinning, you know you can’t leave.
Follow me; round we go; down we go...

You will see that we all have to dance: you and me.
Follow me; down we go; down we go...
Track Name: Standing in the Silence
First thing yesterday,
I didn’t feel warm.
All my duvets couldn’t save me,
And music buzzed like a swarm.

I peeled myself from bed,
And went out to the storm.
I couldn’t feel a drop of rain,
Through the clothes I hadn’t worn.

I didn’t want to do a thing,
So I just stood outside.
I couldn’t mouth a word.
I couldn’t even cry.

So please restore my faith in music; please take me by the hand.
She died before my eyes and then crumbled into sand.
She flew away that day and left me there to die.
So please restore my faith in music,
One more time.

Last thing yesterday,
In my palms there’s a bird:
So much freedom in my hand, and
So many songs unheard.

So I let that bird fly,
Away so undeterred.
I felt so stupid just outside,
Alone and lost for words.

I remember when you said:
"The end won't be long without faith".
Track Name: Waiting for Sirens
Backed up traffic crawls along the road:
So many red lights flashing.
And all the confused commuters are seeing red,
But glad it’s not them as they’re passing.

And they’re praying it’s not someone they know,
But hoping that someone can come along and sing:

When you don’t know what to do,
And you feel alone,
When you beg to start a new,
I’ll be watching you.

Blue lights flashing scream along the road,
And this freeze has taken hold of me,
And everything has gone; I’m so afraid and alone.
My eyes work fine, but I can’t see.

And I’m wishing that this wasn’t real,
But hoping that someone can come along and sing:
Track Name: Let's Get Raisin the Roof Again
We go to the park with our guitars. We write a song, and get back for
The Konami Cup on difficult mode, and after tea we go and look for
Bricks and wood to make a ramp for us to skate, even though I cannot skate them
But you say, “That doesn’t really matter”.

Let’s do it all again,
Summer with my friend,
I'll always be your friend,
Let’s get raisin the roof again.

A packet of Hobnobs, and a can in your hand; get the ball – let’s kick it
Around for a while until our plan of our very first gig, no need for tickets.
My drums are packed up with the rest; the colour of my vest –
You’ll have to pick it
But you say, “It doesn’t really matter”.

You flick on the neon bedroom clock getting ready for the show,
Jump in your yellow jeans, and your converse. Check, guitar; good to go.
You pull on your hat, going out the door. I'm looking nervous about the show.
But you say, “It doesn’t really matter”.

Every time that you say “yes” when I need a helping hand,
You listen to me all worked up; you say that you’ll always understand.
I offer this right back at you, when things don’t go as planned
Because that’s all that really matters.